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Unsure how to approach modern poetry? Well, this is the course you should consider taking. This is a survey course that puts you in close contact with stimulating poetry through close reading, and interaction with a worldwide community of students. You may not like some of the works you will read; some you will want to carry in your pocket to read and re-read whenever you get the chance. The combination of the engaging, ecumenical teaching style of Al Filreis, engaged and bright Teaching Assistants, and probably some of the authors/artists whose works are read during the course, will renew your love in learning if it needs renewal. The students, some 36K strong, who signed up for the 2012 edition of the course, made generous and smart contributions. When you finish the course, and you are still unsure if you like modern poetry, you probably will have found something of great value in the course: Hope. The course offers a community of teachers/students and students/teachers, and that community will convince you that there is great good in humanity. Yeah -- the course is that good.