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Assalamualaikum and Hi. My name is Yuslee Yung. I am a first year Biomedical Engineer From Engineering Faculty of University Malaya. Matrix Card No of KIB160053 From this video, I learned that the subject TITAS focuses on role of civilization of Malaysian society. This subject explains about history, principles, values and significance of civilization studies in Malaysia as well as other part of the world especially Islamic countries. Students will be exposed to the importance of values and interaction in multi religious society. It gives me so much more new knowledge, and also about few things that I know but I don't understand, but now I did. Apart from the whole concept of learning the theory, learning from this video is such a good approach because I got learn from another medium other than books. It gets interesting in a good way. Other than that, in this subject I also learn a lot about good values, and be able to instil them in me through the learning process and group work. From the group work, I learned on how to build good relationship with other members, even though we came from different background in race and religion. It's actually so fun because I also get to build my soft skills and much more.