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MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. These courses are available to anyone with internet access.
MOOCs are often free and taught by many of the world’s greatest educators and institutions.
Course format varies by provider. Our users have shared that their MOOC experiences usually consist of assignments, video lectures, and quizzes.
Click on Go to Course or Enroll on the course page. It will lead you to the course provider site for next steps.
CourseTalk is the largest source for student-powered reviews of online courses and MOOCs. We partner with high-quality course providers, resulting in us bringing you more than 38,000 courses to explore. To ensure your success, we encourage students to directly reach out to instructors and providers for course specific questions and issues.

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We work with all course providers (free and paid), as long as they meet our quality assurance standards.
We request that you share your basic course catalog information with us. The standard information we ask for includes: course description, instructor, table of contents, price, start-date, logo and images.
Yes, we offer a number of customizable review tools to enable our partners to take advantage of reviews directly on their sites. These solutions are free, easy to integrate and enable your users to read or post ratings and reviews without leaving your site. You can read about our recent partnership to power reviews for edX here.

Posting Reviews

Anyone who has enrolled in a course is entitled to write a review, regardless of whether you’ve dropped or completed. We encourage reviewers to be genuine about their course experiences with fellow online learners. Course providers and instructors appreciate honest feedback from their students.
You have two options: click on Review this course on the course detail page or Review a course from any page on the site. Enter the course name you are looking for and you will be guided through the remaining steps.
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Yes, CourseTalk has a dedicated quality team that not only proactively monitors reviews but also investigates issues brought to our attention. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or advertise. If a review violates our guidelines, we will remove it.
CourseTalk is 100% committed to quality. We have manual and automated mechanisms to remove reviews that violate our guidelines. We will continue to improve our approach in order to ensure our site provides accurate and helpful information to anyone seeking to learn more about online courses and MOOCs.
Please click the Flag this review button on any review or email us at info@coursetalk.com. We welcome feedback from reviewers, instructors, and providers on how to keep making reviews valuable for all.
For guidelines on submitting reviews, please visit our Review Guidelines located next to the course review form.