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Learning can be a lonely business. Without guidance or support it can be an uphill struggle to stay motivated when learning a new skill. And, let’s face it, self motivation isn’t always enough. At CareerFoundry we understand learning is something that’s easier together. Which is why we have expert mentors to guide you through your Web Development or UX Design course, supporting you as you learn. With the combination of our online course materials, regular mentor Skype calls and feedback on every assignment, you get to grips with programming and UX design without struggling alone. On finishing our Web Development course you can apply for junior developer positions, with in-depth knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap, before moving on to Ruby on Rails, today’s hottest coding language, all the while building a professional portfolio to show potential employers. On our UX Design course you learn how to build user personas, information architecture and content development, going on to develop your product’s first wireframes. As well as on-going support from your mentor, our career advice service prepares you for your first job interviews in the industry: by learning together CareerFoundry is getting you set for your new career in tech.

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