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Carone Academy online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

Carone Academy is an NWAC accredited supplemental online school specializing in health and PE courses for grades 6-12. Students can register directly with Carone Fitness to receive credit for health or PE courses. Carone Academy also partners with other schools to provide quality online health and PE curriculum.. The courses provided by Carone Fitness, are known as The Personal Fitness Suite.™ These courses have been used by hundreds of schools and thousands of students nationwide! The Personal Fitness Suite™, a comprehensive online curriculum presented by Carone Fitness, is a fresh approach to health and physical education for both secondary and higher education. This series of one-semester online courses focuses on the needs and interests of individual students. In the fitness courses of The Personal Fitness Suite™, students tailor the frequency, intensity, time, and type of their workouts to fit their schedule and fitness level. Students also practice sound principles of healthy living, receive timely, individualized motivation and tips, and experiment with different types of exercise in a personal and non-competitive environment. The Personal Fitness Suite™ is developed with cutting edge technology and is designed with the today's student in mind. The ultimate goal of The Personal Fitness Suite™ is to empower students as they develop a lifelong commitment to physical fitness and healthy living.

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