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Codeacademy knows how much people rely on their phones in everyday life. This is why they have created an app that teaches you programming basics so you can learn right from your smartphone. The app is known as Hour of Code, and in just one hour you can allow yourself to interactively explore how to create code. Free online classes are also offered to expand your knowledge and sharpen your coding skills. Just take Michael Perry, for example. When he founded GVING, which offers loyalty programs for businesses, he needed to learn code, and fast. Through Codeacademy, he was able to create his own app for his organization. Receive feedback, earn completion badges, publish your own courses, and show off your progress to other users. Learn through your smartphone with interactive exercises or with online courses to tackle everything there is to know about coding.

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7 years, 1 month ago
As I was wanting to get started learning various programming languages I chose to learn Python. Python is basically a scripting language, an... more
7 years, 7 months ago
I took this course back in 2012 when Codeacademy first came out. The course consists purely of text explanations and an interactive programm... more