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Pluralsight online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

Pluralsight's mission is to publish high quality online training courses for professional developers, IT admins and creative artists. Over 750,000 Learners have already made use of the 3,500+ Courses available in this extensive library. Pluralsight delivers world-class training that¹s easy to comprehend and quick to learn. That¹s the beauty of being taught by experts. Course authors are an elite group of tech and creative professionals, innovators and leaders. As a subscriber, you are connected with authors through discussion boards for ongoing, real-time learning. Courses give you the experience and skills you need to succeed on the job and grow your career. With downloadable exercise files, you can follow along with the video to practice applying your new skills. Pre- and post-course assessments track your progress. When you successfully complete a course, we you receive a certificate and an official transcript to validate and build your online resume.

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