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### For more than 50 years, Research & Education Association (REA) has helped students of all ages and backgrounds pass standardized tests and reach their educational goals. Our family of test preparation and study guides is built around expert content, true-to-format practice, and a standard of quality that’s recognized by educators across the country. Our portfolio of leading test preparation material includes AP®, college admission and placement, CLEP® credit-by-exam, teacher certification, and more. REA’s products help students master the material on their exams and build confidence through hands-on practice. Our test preps give students everything they need to succeed, including targeted subject reviews and full-length practice tests designed for classroom or home study. Many of our most popular titles come with integrated testing packages featuring diagnostic tools, online quizzes, practice tests, and e-flashcards. Whether you’re looking to advance your education or your career, REA will help you achieve your highest potential.

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