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It's all about you, the student. It’s about providing you with a flexible and affordable college education. It’s about putting you on a straighter line to the exact same quality degree from a top online and accredited college, in the field and ultimately the career of your choice. Whether you are starting on the road to your degree, adding new skills to advance your career, coming back to college after life got in the way, or you just need a couple of courses to graduate, StraighterLine is here to help. StraighterLine was founded in 2009, by Burck Smith as a solution to the rising costs of college education. Burck set out to discover why prices for online courses were the same or higher than those of face-to-face courses. Using relationships with colleges, publishers and policy-makers forged in his 15 years of online higher education experience, Burck created Straighterline, as a way for students to get low-priced, high-quality college credit. To date, our students have transferred 26,000+ StraighterLine credits to America’s top universities for career-focused adults. This year, 10,000 students just like you will take StraighterLine courses before getting their degree and advancing their careers. With 50+ Partner colleges automatically accepting your credits when you enroll, at StraighterLine you never have to worry about credit transfers or course equivalency. Straighterline Memberships: $99 * Purchase unlimited courses for as low as $49 each and save on average $15,000 towards your degree * Membership cost stays the same no matter how many courses you take * Spend efficiently by only paying for your membership as long as you need it * Cancel at any time * Modest one-time per course enrollment fee * Fast-track online courses are self-paced so the savings are up to you * Courses typically take about a month to successfully complete*

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1 year, 6 months ago
I think these reviews were created by the employees of straighterline. This course is not quick by any means. It take many hours to days to ... more
8 years, 1 month ago
The information presented in the lessons was not the information asked in the exams. The lessons were very informative, but the exams had ve... more