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Founded in 1883, Cardiff is established as one of Britain’s leading universities. Our research has global impact and is led by world-class staff who share their knowledge through teaching. Our thriving international student community of more than 3,700 students from over 120 different countries play a very significant role in the international life of our institution and across Wales. A growing number of our students undertake a period of study overseas annually as part of their degree. This helps them build cultural awareness and enhance their employability. We also welcome hundreds of students from continental Europe and further afield on exchange programmes. We have more than 180,000 alumni in over 170 countries around the world. Our graduates return home as ambassadors for Cardiff University, Wales and the UK and often play an important role in developing good diplomatic and trade relations. We also attract the highest calibre of researchers from around the world. Staff from across the world choose to work at Cardiff University further enhancing the learning experience for students and bringing a wider perspective to our research.

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