Exploratorium online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

Tourists from around the world who come to San Francisco, CA make it a point to visit the Exploratorium, a unique, hands-on science museum inspired by museums in Paris, London and Munich. Its six galleries contain more than 600 playful, interactive and thought-provoking Exploratorium exhibits that encourage exploration of subjects including human perception, life sciences, physical phenomena, the environment and human behavior. The exhibits invite viewers to participate in activities such as re-creating a rainstorm to learn about the size, velocity and frequency of raindrops; exploring a pitch-black environment by touch alone; judging the color of the San Francisco Bay by comparing it to color swatches; or making composite photographs to see how each side of the human face differs from the other side. More than a museum, it is an educational institution with a mission to change how we learn and to train innovative, creative teachers. If you are an educator or learner with a passion to discover new ways of knowing, sign up for Exploratorium online courses that show you how to incorporate tinkering and making things—thinking with your hands—into learning or integrate engineering practices into middle- or high-school science curricula.

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