Match Teacher Residency online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

Providing a modernized and dynamic learning environment for teachers all over the world, the Match Teacher Residency focuses on providing “an engine of discovery and applied innovation in education.” The Match Teacher Residency prepares teachers for a broad range of teaching opportunities, focusing on schools that have a high level of poverty. The mission of Match Teacher Residency is to provide ongoing learning opportunities from applied work that are then refined and empirically validated to facilitate the expression of new ideas and practices to optimize teacher performance in primary and secondary education. Certifications from the Match Teacher Residency program include a masters degree in Effective Teaching (MET) as well as a full complement of online courses that focus on preparing and educating teachers on a variety of essential aspects of teaching. Online courses offered by Match Teacher Residency include core elements such as helping teachers learn how to promote positive changes in their teaching programs, learning key ideas and other techniques to optimize the learning environment for children, and self- directed teacher training and enrichment projects. Choose from the online courses offered through the Match Teacher Residency to hone your teaching skills and learn new techniques to accelerate your performance as you pursue a master degree.

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