McMaster University online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

McMaster University is a pioneer in learning methodology. In the 1960s, its Faculty of Health Science developed problem-based learning, a way of learning about a subject by actively solving a problem. In this method, the instructor serves as a tutor and facilitator; learners work in groups to determine what they need to know and develop a plan for finding new information that may lead to a solution of the problem. Known as the McMasters Model, this method has been adopted by other universities around the world. McMaster University, which is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top schools and is highly regarded for its research strengths, especially in the field of health sciences offers undergraduate degree, masters degree and PhD programs. One reason for this is the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, the second largest research reactor in North America. The reactor’s primary use is research and production of medical isotopes; it also serves learners in nuclear engineering and medical and health physics. Also, a research group led by McMaster professor Gordon Guyatt is credited with developing the protocols for evidence-based medicine, and Guyatt is credited with coining that term. By enrolling in online courses through McMaster University, you will be able to experience the university’s unique approach to distance learning.

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