New Teacher Center online courses and MOOCs - student reviews

A United States non-profit organization, the New Teacher Center is committed to strengthening teaching practices, providing world-class support for teachers, and conducting appropriate research to improve teaching standards across the board. Located in Santa Cruz, California, Ellen Moir founded the New Teacher Center in 1998, and she was the recipient of the Harold W. McGraw Prize in Education in 2005. The core values of the organization are to focus on expanding teachers’ skills and resources to provide a better learning environment and facilitate better academic performance. With the motto “When we focus on teachers, students succeed,” the New Teacher Center improves teacher effectiveness by creating programs to improve teacher performance, enhance scholastic achievements, and develop new tools and teacher resources to help teachers make a powerful contribution in early childhood education. Founded by teachers for teachers, the New Teacher Center is a place where instructors can come together in a community effort to learn new strategies, processes, and teacher training. Expand your knowledge in the area of education through New Teacher Center online courses designed to broaden awareness in core disciplines and gain a better understanding of how leading research is impacting teaching practices around the world.

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