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Our courses have been designed by our expert Faculty in order to engage and inform our students, whilst also imparting upon them a passion for their subject, a key ingredient that should be behind any university application. But the purpose of our courses goes beyond the aim of purely informing or educating, or even inspiring students to go on to study a subject at university. Our courses are designed to prepare students for the style of learning that all students will encounter at university – lectures – and aim to develop the ability to learn through this medium. It is a common criticism of new university students today that they are spoon-fed information at schools and have yet to develop the critical faculties required for university-level study. Our courses, the basis of which is formed around audio lectures, model the processes of note-taking, digesting information, and contextualising new ideas, providing students with valuable experience of the type of learning they will encounter at university. They also encourage further research by the students themselves, using the resources provided, helping to develop the faculties required to be successful at university, where study beyond lectures is entirely self-driven.

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7 years, 6 months ago
I must say that I've never really had fully understood the subject and its analysis, so the course explained so much and pointed out details... more
7 years, 6 months ago
Excellent course and I am learning a lot so far :D. It gives me insight to literature and incentives to develop my writing more. I want to r... more