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After passing the Swiss high school exit exams with the highest score in physics and mathematics, the 17-year-old Albert Einstein chose to pursue his higher education at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. By 1896, when Einstein began taking courses at what became ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the institution had developed a strong research focus and the goal of improving education by deepening theoretical knowledge through scientific experimentation. It was the perfect place for Einstein’s budding intellect to flourish. ETH Zurich today carries out fundamental research focused on the needs of society, educates specialists in scientific and technical fields, extends the scope of scientific knowledge through research, and translates new findings into practical applications. Its location in the vital economic capital of Switzerland, where many international companies are headquartered, has engendered a close relationship between the institute and business and industry. It stands at the forefront of research in critical areas such as the world food system, climate change, energy, health, information processing, and industrial processes. In online courses at ETH Zurich at the PhD, graduate, or undergraduate level, you can delve into fascinating topics such as future cities, the art, magic and science of computing, and autonomous mobile robots from one of the top universities in Europe.

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